Who we are


Mater Salvatoris Stamford School is an Independent Catholic College-Preparatory School from PreK-3 through Grade 12, under the direction of the Sisters of the Company of the Savior.

The mission of Mater Salvatoris School is to provide a faithful Catholic education to our students, with the purpose of accompanying them from their early years until their admission to university, to lead them to discover their unique talents, and to assist them in successfully meeting the challenges of the XXI century.

Our school it is located on ample green space that allows direct contact with nature. In this caring environment, our school community promotes the development of the whole person in all its dimensions: academic, human and spiritual, in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

This integrated formation is only possible due to the constant dedication and commitment of the Sisters and Faculty who, both in and out of the classroom, foster in the students an awareness of the difficulties in life and awaken in them the desire to build a more just society.

At Mater Salvatoris “we educate the mind, we educate the heart, we educate the spirit”. Only then will our students be champions of their own lives.