Artistic and sportive activities empower and complement the integrated and well-rounded development of our students.
Mater Salvatoris School has developed an after-school program that focuses on age-appropriate activities in both art and athletics providing creative and enjoyable experiences that will develop the student’s skills and abilities.

For the PreK-4 and Kindergarten students, Mater Salvatoris offers activities that will contribute to the child’s development, in a creative and fun way, directed by professionals in each subject.

This School Year the activities offered are: Soccer, Piano, Violin, and Classical Ballet.

  • Academy of Music
    Music is one of the means to nurture mind and spirit and seed the desire and attraction to Beauty. The goal in the early ages is that the students appreciate and enjoy music, learning it in a fun a creative way.
  • Classical Ballet
    Classical Ballet enhances child’s self-esteem and creative expression. In addition to exercising coordination, flexibility and agility in movements and balance, the student acquires elegant and beautiful body expression, learning good order and discipline.

From First to Fifth Grade, children begin to discover more about their interests, talents and hobbies. Mater Salvatoris School will adapt the activities according to the age and interests of the students. The intent is to foster fondness for various art forms, such as Music, Choir, Classical Ballet, Dance, Painting and Creativity, for them to experience the wonder and emotion of art and beauty.

Promoting an understanding of competitive sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, track and field, among others, will develop a sense of personal and team accomplishment.

This School Year we are offering Piano, Violin, Classical Ballet, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball.

  • Academy of Music
  • Classical Ballet
  • Tennis
    This activity is specially directed to develop and acquire not only the coordination and control of their bodies and movements through sport, but a healthy understanding of physical activity.

Besides offering the opportunity to deepen participation in sports and activities practiced in lower grades, Mater Salvatoris will promote the creation of different clubs where students create self-directed groups to develop leadership, organization, and perseverance to fulfill the goals established, as well as foster in them the capacity to empathize with people in need.

The School will offer the students the possibility to participate in interscholastic athletics each season, such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, tennis, volleyball, track and field, among others.