Athletic activities complement the integrated and well-rounded development of our students. At Mater Salvatoris, we strive for excellence in sportsmanship, teamwork, athletic skills, and ethical behavior. We believe athletics fosters leadership, loyalty, perseverance, discipline, organization, patience, and confidence.

We offer the students the opportunity to participate in seasonal interscholastic athletics such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and cross country.


Artistic activities, including arts, music, and theater, foster love, respect, and appreciation of beauty. Through learning the history of art and music, students connect authors, artists, and composers with world cultures and historical eras.

The study of the Arts facilitates the development of our students’ abilities to express themselves through different art disciplines. Students learn to recognize the ways that their God-given gifts can be used in service of others.


“In all things to love and serve the Lord,” Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Following Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s teaching: “Love is shown more in deeds than in words,” one of the school’s Christian faith dimensions is to develop in our students the sensitivity toward those who are most in need in our societies. Students can complete these hours at school by collaborating on activities and projects and acting as tutors for younger students.