Since 2021, The Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have collaborated with the Sisters of the Company of the Savior at Mater Salvatoris School Stamford, CT. The Disciples coordinate the Boys Division and serve as chaplains for the whole school, celebrating the sacraments and providing spiritual guidance to our students and their families. Thanks to this collaboration, girls, guided by the Sisters, and boys, guided by the Disciples, grow and flourish according to their unique physical, intellectual, and spiritual paths.

Our collaboration “dates back” to 2015 when, at the request of the families of our schools, we started partnering with the Disciples to establish a boys’ school in Madrid, Spain. Operating under the motto: “Two Schools, One Family,” Mater Salvatoris School and Stella Maris School joined forces in Madrid to create a shared project that addresses the needs of all our students and families.

The Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, in their schools in Madrid and the United States, have developed a solid educational initiative aimed at cultivating the highest potential in their students.

We aspire that this collaboration brings out the best in our students and, in turn, enriches and enriches their lives.

This collaboration represents our unwavering dedication to providing a holistic, spiritually enriching educational experience. Through the illumination of the Holy Spirit, we acknowledge the transformative power of collaboration in molding the development of your children. We are excited to continue this enriching journey with families. We know that as a united educational community, we can achieve exceptional results for our students and prepare them for bright futures.