The school’s education is based on the Catholic faith and on a Christian vision of life in a climate of freedom and personal responsibility.

The Congregation of the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (DCJM) stands proudly behind the collaboration between Mater Salvatoris and Stella Maris because it considers as an essential part of its charism the Christian formation of people, particularly in the field of education. To this end, the Disciples seek to show students the transcendent dimension of life so that they open their hearts to something greater than themselves. It is a deep desire of this congregation to educate young people in the beauty, goodness, and truth that are identified with God.


Since ancient times, education was considered learning “the art of living,” an art that aims to awaken in children and young people the greatness and nobility of life. The pedagogue was compared to the midwife (a woman who assisted in childbirth): her art consisted in helping the person to be born. This is the goal of the pedagogue’s art, i.e., that the pupil is born into a great and beautiful life. It is not only important that the student acquires knowledge and skills, but also that he understands what makes life good and beautiful, to realize it and fulfill it, achieving it fully.


Stella Maris, from the Latin “Star of the Sea,” is the ancient title held by Mary, mother of Jesus, as guide and protector of those who travel on the exciting journey across the sea of life.

Human life is like a journey on the sea, often dark and stormy. “The true stars of our life are the people who have lived good lives. They are lights of hope” (Benedict XVI, Spe salvi 49). Parents and teachers shine with their light and guide children along the way.

The true and definitive light in this navigation is Jesus Christ. Mary becomes the true star that shines illuminating the greatest and most beautiful horizon.

Star in Latin is Stella, and also sidera. The latter is part of another word: desiderium (desire). Desires are born when they find a star. And they are oriented when the stars point out a route. Like the magi, children follow a star because others–parents, teachers, and religious–help them to interpret it and accompany them on their life’s journey. Stella Maris is a school where, through virtues and practices, our desires are integrated. As the name of our educational institution defines, the objective of Stella Maris College is to guide students on an exciting journey across the sea of life and towards the stars of their authentic desires.