The Company of the Savior is a female Religious Institute of Pontifical Right whose mission is to teach and instill Catholic doctrine and Christian social principles in children and teens through Mater Salvatoris Schools, from Pre-K3 through Grade Twelve, anywhere in the world.

Mater Salvatoris College Preparatory School is an Independent Catholic school with single-sex classrooms on a co-ed campus, from Pre-K3 through Grade Twelve.  The School seeks to awaken in its students an integral development of their personality, offering the necessary means for a harmonious growth of their three dimensions: individual, social, and spiritual, and to discover their unique talents to achieve success in the 21st century.

Strategies to Achieve Our Mission

  • Mater Salvatoris is committed to well-rounded education. Our aim is the harmonious development of the person in all his or her dimensions: physical, psychological, social and transcendent.
  • Mater Salvatoris is committed to quality education.The school’s highly rigorous academics are an essential element of discovering the unique talents and full potential of each student, to become his or her best self.
  • Mater Salvatoris is committed to strong Catholic formation. The essential charisma of the school is the importance given to fostering a personal encounter with Jesus Christ in a healthy environment of joy, freedom and respect.

Employment Opportunities

In September 2023 we will offer from Pre-K3 through Eighth Grade for girls, and from Pre-K3 through Sixth Grade for boys. Interested candidates should email a cover letter, résumé, and list of references addressed to the Head of School, Sr. Maria Alguacil, C.S., at stm.headschool@matersalvatoris.org.