We live in a multicultural, diverse and global society. Exchange Programs provide the unique opportunityto broaden the global awareness of the students. This experience will allow them to widen their minds and their hearts through  immersion in the greatness and uniqueness of other cultures, strengthen their languages knowledge, build new relationships and transform students into citizens of the world.

Mater Salvatoris provides its students this unique opportunity through the Exchange Program with our other schools. Middle and Upper School students will have the opportunity to participate in this program, hosted in families of our schools, within a secure environment, always accompanied and supervised by the Sisters of the Company of the Savior.

As well, Mater Salvatoris will offer to the families of the school in Stamford to be host families of Mater Salvatoris students from around the world, so they can be immersed in the American culture and experience this unique and broad opportunity.