In an ever-changing world, where social and personal challenges can be overwhelming, it is essential to cultivate the virtues that guide us toward a path of personal growth, harmonious coexistence, and sustainable success. Virtues, those innate or acquired qualities that reflect the best of us, are the pillars upon which a strong society and a meaningful life are built.

Students and their families follow a path of growth from first grade through high school. Through practices that involve everyone (chaplain chaplains, teachers, families, and students), students discover that faith allows them to unfold the greatness of the human being, discovering the creative protagonism that life hides. In each course, the student participates in a program that ends with a culminating internship. This practice expresses the fruit and a promise (rite of passage) that opens the way to the next program.

The Polaris project is developed by working on a virtue in each course, which responds to the desire of the student at that educational stage.

A singular virtue is worked on through practices and stories wherein the student recognizes himself and becomes the protagonist of his journey.

In the Polaris project, the student learns to see reality as a gift from God and as a call to greatness, that through the gift of his life, he can give more of himself.