Mater Salvatoris College Preparatory School will continue to expand next September 2024 by offering Pre-K3 through Freshman Year for girls and Pre-K3 through Seventh Grade for boys, both located at our permanent campus, at 926 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT.

The Sisters of the Company of the Savior have been present in the United States since 1961.

“Our vocation is to live in any part of the world where there is hope of greater service to God and the help of souls” (Constitutions Company of the Savior, n. 3). With the singular desire of being “useful to the service of the Holy Church and Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,” the Sisters of the Company of the Savior offered their charisma of education to serve “in any way it is needed” within the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

It was through Rev. Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., who Mother Maria Felix, our Mother Foundress, met at Caracas’ airport for his first “Rosary crusade,” that the first Bishop of Bridgeport, Rev. Lawrence Shehan, welcomed the Company of the Savior in 1961. For over 50 years, the Sisters have been teaching in the Diocesan Schools of the city of Bridgeport — Saint Mary, Blessed Sacrament, and Saint Peter — until this last one was closed in 2013.

In her visits to the United States, our Mother Foundress recognized the merits of the American system and its college campus. It influenced her in conceiving a project that was ahead of its time in the Mater Salvatoris Schools.

On December 12, 2013, our Superior General, Mother Amelia Lora-Tamayo, C.S., expressed to Bishop Frank Caggiano that the Company of the Savior sees the urgent need of Catholic Education in the U.S., a need that can be served by the founding its own school, as we have in other countries around the world. Bishop Frank Caggiano warmly welcomed the project of the Mater Salvatoris College Preparatory School in Fairfield County, CT and encouraged us to carry it out.

With the deep desire to start the school, thanks to the permission granted by Bishop Caggiano, and the warm welcome of Msgr. Kevin Royal, Pastor of Holy Spirit, and his Parish Council, God, our Lord, gave us the opportunity to start the Mater Salvatoris School at the Holy Spirit school building, in Stamford.

On November 11, 2020, Mother Mercedes Díez de Angulo, C.S., our current Superior General said: “With great joy, the Sisters of the Company of the Savior announce an agreement with the Diocese of Bridgeport to acquire the campus of the former Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford, CT, as the permanent location for Mater Salvatoris College Preparatory School. We are deeply grateful to the Diocese and the ongoing support of Bishop Frank Caggiano to make this possible.”

Since Fall 2021, Mater Salvatoris School is located at its permanent 20-acre campus on Newfield Avenue in Stamford, CT. The school will continue to expand enrollment and grades each year through high school, with the desire to fulfill Venerable Servant of God Mother Maria Felix’s vision, for the Greater Glory of God and under the maternal protection of our Lady, Mother of the Savior.