The “Mater Salvatoris Marian Congregation” is the distinctive Apostolic Movement of the Sisters of the Company of the Savior, that will begin and expand once the school is running.

For the growth of their spiritual life, Mater Salvatoris School offers its students the opportunity to get involved in different apostolic movements of the Mater Salvatoris’ Marian Congregation.

The purpose of this apostolic association is to empower young people to live a fully Christian life, according to the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

The Marian Congregation motto is “Ad Jesum per Mariam” (“To Jesus through Mary”). Members pay special devotion to the Virgin by seeking to emulate her virtues and spirit of service.

Mater Salvatoris’ Marian Congregation is organized in sections, according the age of its members: middle and high school students, college and university students, professionals, families, etc. In each section different activities are organized:

  • Meetings and formation courses.
  • Spiritual Exercises and retreats.
  • Gatherings and pilgrimages.
  • Participation in World Youth Days and in other events of the Catholic Church..

The apostolic dimension of the Marian Congregation is carried out by students, alumnae and families of the school through the following groups:

  • Mater Salvatoris Mountaineer Group. This group is a school of life directed to middle school through college students. The direct contact with nature, the challenges to be faced to reach the peak of the mountain, the teamwork needed to reach a common goal all help to build in the students a strong character in the true Christian values and virtues.
  • Mater Salvatoris Missionaries is another group in which high school and college students wish to share their time and joy with the most needy. They have different activities like visiting nursing homes, orphanages, and hospitals. They also take part in rural missions in which they help the Pastor of the Parish visit the elderly, play and teach Catechism to the children, and give testimony of the joy of faith.
  • Charity and Mission is another apostolate for young professionals, who desire to participate in the mission of the Church through the practice of charity to the most needy, and organizing activities of first evangelization, especially with children and teenagers who have abandoned their faith.
  • Spirituality and Charity in family. In order to help families to acquire solid Catholic foundations, the congregants offer a space for formation conferences, meetings and activities for parents and children. The objective of the group is to help families to discover the importance of love as the main core of our life.