Mater Salvatoris High School

At Mater Salvatoris Schools we provide a faithful Catholic and well-rounded education. We accompany each student in the different stages of education, from the early years through college admission, seeking to nurture in her the entire development of her personality: individually, socially, and spiritually.

High School is a time when the seeds that have been planted at home and in the lower grades begin to blossom. With love and patience, we cultivate educated, Catholic young adults prepared to share their faith and meet the challenges of everyday life. We seek to form young women with generous hearts, who are ready to serve and give freely of themselves to others, and graduates equipped with the tools to be the champions of their own lives.

Recognizing that each student is unique and unrepeatable, we assure that she receives personal and caring support to overcome difficulties and pursue her full potential and true calling. We prepare young women to be virtuous leaders and to stand as beacons of goodness, truth, and beauty to the world around them.