Academic formation is one of the essential aspects of a holistic education. Mater Salvatoris offers a profound and rigorous intellectual formation that seeks to develop the full potential of each student.  It does so  in an environment defined by the search for Truth, where science, culture and faith work together to contribute towards the formation of a mature personality.

Mater Salvatoris collaborates with families to form upstanding young women and men, with solid and broadly-based knowledge. The school environment promotes the love and passion for learning that helps students to grow in self-confidence, critical thinking, and personal initiative. This environment creates a desire to learn more while fostering logic and creativity, effort and perseverance, methods and precision. This prepares students to meet new challenges in higher education studies.

Each learning phase is based on the previous one. Solid foundations are essential to build up and acquire knowledge, thought and culture. Mater Salvatoris emphasizes the following areas:

Language Arts: Language is the vehicle of thought, and the means to structure it. Language is not only a linguistic function; it is a function of knowledge use and foundation of all learning. Through language, we help our students to structure their thought: to achieve the appropriate internal logic, order and coherence of thought.

Logical thinking: Math, and the sciences, including Physics and Chemistry, promote logical thinking skills required in decision-making in many aspects of life.  Logical thinking skills are developed through use of manipulatives and other strategies for problem-solving.

Arts and Humanities: Arts and Humanities are core academic subjects in order to attain a holistic education. Humanities enable our students to know more about their own roots, cultures and traditions, and connect culturally and socially to the multicultural and diverse world they live in. With a comprehensive liberal arts education, our students will be prepared for the responsibility of citizenship in a democracy, and equipped to make decisions based on knowledge, thoughtful debate, and reason.

World Languages: In Mater Salvatoris fluency in languages is fundamental to a thorough education. Learning a second language from the early ages helps our students to develop their minds, as well as the social and communication skills they need to succeed within a multicultural and diverse society.

Project Based Learning (PBL): Project Based Learning provides students the opportunity to develop and pose questions of interest to them. Researching and finding answers to these questions through projects developed by the students and motivated by the student’s own questions and interest, foster communication and collaboration.

Arts and Creativity: Mater Salvatoris fosters in its students creativity and imagination. While learning from the History of Art and connecting with works of art, students will develop their potential and ability to create in the arts and to understand the connection of the arts to other areas of their life.