Throughout history, man has stood out for the virtues that have made him great: strength, friendship, loyalty, fidelity, piety, magnanimity, obedience, and industriousness.

We work together to make our school a place where boys can acquire virtues that will forge them into good and holy men. We challenge each child to become the protagonist of his own life and learn to assume with responsibility and spirit what is presented to him.

Each of our students is called to give his all. In his friendship with God, in his family, in his studies, and with his friends, he is called to be the best man by being the best son, to become the best husband, and thus the best father.

Our Vocation to love

At Stella Maris, every boy learns to recognize himself as a son, prepare his heart to become a husband, and get ready to embrace his future mission as a father.

Our Goal

Learning the art of living, at Stella Maris, we walk towards the greatness of a “protagonist destiny.”

Our goal is that the light, the genius, the artist, the hero, and the saint that each one of our boys carries inside himself may shine through.