It is with deep enthusiasm and passion that the Sisters of the Company of the Savior begin the seventh Mater Salvatoris school.

The Sisters of the Company of the Savior will maintain, operate and develop this new project, which, as any new project, has considerable financial needs.

Would you like to be part of this project and support a well-rounded and faithful Catholic education by contributing to the education of present and future generations? To this end we have created two separate funds for the Mater Salvatoris Stamford School fundraising campaign:

Opportunity to be part of the renovation and establishment of the permanent Mater Salvatoris School Campus, at the former Trinity Catholic High School:

  • Renovation works at the new campus (the former Trinity Catholic School building)
  • Chapel
  • Science, World Language and Technology Labs
  • Arts and Music rooms
  • Playground
  • Athletic fields, indoor gymnasium
  • Auditorium
  • School furniture
  • Educational materials
  • Interactive Flat Panels

Fund to help families who understand the need for their children to be at Mater Salvatoris. Since the early years are essential for the development of the whole person, this means-tested fund is intended mainly, but not exclusively, to help young families who are at the beginning of their work endeavors, so they may enroll their children from the early years.

If you can assist us in these efforts or to learn more about the Mater Salvatoris School fundraising campaign feel free to contact Javier Alvarez, Business Manager Director of Expansion and Development, at javier.alvarez@matersalvatoris.org, or contact Sister Maria, C.S., from the Sisters of the Company of the Savior at (203) 489.0977, or at stm.headschool@matersalvatoris.org.

We very much appreciate your generosity to make this happen through your tax deductible financial donation and contribution.