Mater Salvatoris is committed to well-rounded education. Our aim is the harmonious development of the person in all his or her dimensions: physical, psychological, social and transcendent.

Mater Salvatoris is committed to the human person. Recognizing that each student is unique and unrepeatable, we assure that he or she receives personal, caring and focused support to overcome difficulties and pursue his or her full potential.

Mater Salvatoris is committed to quality education. The school’s highly rigorous academics are an essential element of discovering the unique talents and full potential of each student, to become his or her best self.

Mater Salvatoris is committed to strong Catholic formation. The essential charisma of the school is the importance given to fostering a personal encounter with Jesus Christ in an environment of joy, freedom and respect.

Mater Salvatoris is committed to the arts and culture. We cultivate global awareness and appreciation for arts and culture in order to awaken students’ love for all that makes life great and beautiful

Mater Salvatoris is committed to friendship. Through structured and unstructured play, drama and athletics, we promote the development of students’ affective and relational capacities, inspiring them to give their best selves to others with joy.